Felix Valentin


My name is Felix Valentin. I am a 24 years old German based guy. And I am a creator.

I enjoyed drawing & painting when I was young, and I still do ;-)

When my friend Philip "MeKlausi" Tiedböhl introduced me to Photoshop 7, I completely fell in love with it. After that I've switched to digital imaging and design.
I've been doing Graphic Design and Photography for 2 years now.

My main focus on design is creating websites, illustrations, logos, print layouts and digital art. I use mainly Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver and Maxon™ Cinema 4D for my work. & Adobe Lightroom, for sure.

Currently I am working as a designer for Designersouch, Bumsfabrik, ArtistUnion Art-Eden, TheBlackPixel, CG-Creatives, KMX & Virtual-Nights and I am an editorial journalist for .psdmag in Design-Article & Tutorials.

Furthermore I am an official supporter for the English & German Photoshop-Help-Channel (#photoshop & @Quakenet for 3 years now.

Best regards, Felix :-)